My 11 year old and myself recently visited Greece for a holiday. We stayed in a beautiful resort with a private beach and other facilities. The very friendly staff worked tirelessly, always willing to help. It seemed like some of them worked round the clock. We would say goodnight to them at midnight, and find them serving us breakfast with a smile next morning.

You could argue it is their job and they are getting paid for it. But if you think about it, how many people you know do their job so well with all their heart? I did leave them tips throughout my stay, it was always received with gratitude.

My daughter loves making things. She can recycle almost anything. Leave her with a piece of paper and you will see her origami skills. Add a pen to it, and you will see her sketching skills. Paper houses, animals, flowers…she can make endless things.

Our last day of the stay, she made some lovely sketches and origami animals and flower pot. Gifted it to the staff who had served us and said ‘we really enjoyed our stay, thank you for making it so pleasant’. As my daughter handed her craft to the staff, I could see their eyes lit up and a smile from ear to ear. I may have even caught a hint of tear. in one of their eyes.

For the rest of the day, they couldn’t stop complimenting my daughter, hugging her and giving her freebies. It was moving to see how a small gesture could bring out so many emotions and much needed happiness in the world. We left Greece with a warm feeling.

Sometimes people just want to be acknowledged. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are needy, but when they put in the effort, they don’t want to be ignored.

Think about it, how do you feel when someone acknowledges you? When was the last time you acknowledged someone? When was the last time you let someone know you really get them? Their presence matters?