Do you have 101 thoughts and worries running in your head all at once? Or are you one of those who is always confused and struggles to make quick decisions?

Try the vomiting journal.

Find a quiet space, set a timer for five minutes and simply write down every thought that comes into your head, as it happens. Do not worry about

looking good on paper. This journal is for you and only you and you can write anything and everything. You might even choose to shred that piece of paper once you’re done writing.

There is no right way of doing this, but in order to get the max benefit it is very important for you to write your thoughts as it is. No judgement, no filter, no trying to sound right or look good. Just like in food poisoning, your body does not care what’s coming out of your mouth, when doing the vomit journal, your mind should not care what comes out. The important thing is to get it out.

A lot of my clients have found clarity in their thought when they have done the vomit journal on a regular basis. Some of the clients use this when an event is triggered e.g. got into an argument with their partner and feel very emotional.

There’s something about the act of physically writing it all down, with a pen or a pencil, that allows your subconscious mind to process worries in a way that’s incredibly powerful.