Commonly Asked Questions

1. How do you usually work with clients?

Here’s how I will work with you at every step to unleash your full potential and achieve transformational results.


Through Self awareness, we get clear on what is important to you, what is that you really want and where is your passion.


We will work closely to set goals and a powerful action plan to achieve your heart’s desire. Identifying barriers and how to eliminate/minimise these barriers will be the key to success.


With accountability and consistent actions, you will achieve the results you want. Balanced reflection will help you keep repeating the success.


2. What can I expect from the Discovery Call?

The Discovery Call is an initial call for us to analyse what is not working and the impact it has on your life. We will discuss what you would like to achieve in life and determine if working with Coach Kshama is the best option to move forward or not.

3. Who is Coach Kshama?

My name is Kshama Singhi, I am a Jay Shetty Certified Happiness & Empowerment Coach.

In my marriage of nearly a decade, I was doing almost everything by myself, doing a demanding job, looking after my little one, and being a good Indian housewife doing household chores and cooking for him. We would agree on splitting the chores, but soon enough, his job would take over and I was left to pick up the pieces. I felt alone but did not know that life could be any other way and I that I could be happier. But then he cheated on me and left.

My life as I knew was coming to an end and I could not see my future. It felt like every day he would do something to break my heart even more like new daggers were being thrown at me till there was nothing left in me. There were times when I did not see any point in living, but then I looked at my daughter. She gave me hope, inspiration, and motivation to go on.

On reflection, I realised my self-worth was so low it could be mopping the floor. In spite of my strong character and outspoken nature, I was BEING a doormat to him and his family. I did not respect myself enough, how was I expecting anyone else to? That realisation changed my outlook toward life.

Throughout my journey, I have had several breakthroughs, from having no self-confidence to feeling empowered and beautiful. From being rejected to being a beautiful flower attracting all kinds of bees. My journey has made me realise how we, as women, limit ourselves and make ourselves smaller to fit within societal norms and to be accepted by our partners. But instead, when we blossom into a beautiful flower, we automatically attract the right people and events in our lives, be it a romantic relationship or career opportunity.

I have come a long way in my journey and still have a long way to go, but whilst on the journey, I would like to take as many women along with me as possible. I now know that my purpose and mission is to empower women to deepen their self-awareness, find their purpose, and direction and move from inaction to powerful action.

I invite you to come along with me on this journey to your true authentic self.

Some People I’ve Worked With

Gitana Piscikiene

“With coaching I realised that I was giving the power away. I was waiting for permission and by waiting I was making myself small. Kshama made me realise that I have to first take the action, and then the fear will disappear.”

Namrata Singhi Agarwal

“Kshama helped me identify my vision & goals. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly & easily I am able to manifest the things I want in life. Gives me the enthusiasm everyday when I wake up.”

Louise Oliver

“I must admit that I was skeptical about how coaching could help me. But my sessions have completely changed my outlook and literally transformed my life in just 12 weeks. I feel more calm, confident, resilient and content with my life.”


“I am being present to the different approach and analysis of the answers to the common questions I always asked myself and I believed I knew all about them. I feel challenged, the conversations are opening all new scenario never thought before. I recommend life coaching to anyone as it pushes your personal boundaries and gives you more knowledge about self.”

Nameeta Jagtiani

“I feel like in every session we uncover a new blind spot. It’s amazing that even with so much self-reflection and investment in growth, you can still not realize your limiting beliefs – until you work with someone like Kshama!”

Natasha James

“I am happy that Kshama and I got talking about things in my life that were accounting to negative feelings and low self-worth. She helped me sort through the clutter of emotions and manoeuvre my way to positive goals towards my work and relationship. She helped me identify patterns and become aware ideas that are self barring…some of them root their way in childhood, doing no good. I could feel the texture of my day changing as I began to follow a positive morning routine.”