Free Webinar:

Break the myth and have it all – a good career, loving relationship and everything your
heart truly desires

without having to choose, you can have that you truly want by being your authentic self

Kshama Singhi
A Jay Shetty Certified, Happiness and Empowerment Coach

What You Will Learn On This Free Webinar:

✓ 5 different stages where you could be in life with regards to your level of happiness and fulfilment

✓ Busting the myth that you cannot have a successful career and a perfect relationship / family at the
same time

✓ How to identify and prioritise things that matter to you

✓ Importance of setting boundaries

✓ The ‘Have it All’ blueprint – the 4 steps to having it all without burning out in the process.

✓ How to do all of these by becoming more self aware and being your authentic self