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Express 1:1 Coaching

A 3-step program to swiftly address the root issues

affecting your relationships—providing clarity, confidence, self-worth, or love, depending on your needs.

Are you facing challenges in your relationship and contemplating seeking help? Welcome to the Transformational Coaching Intensive program—a gateway to a transformative journey in your relationships.

If you’ve considered coaching but are unsure where to start or have been sitting on the fence, our Express 1:1 Coaching Program is perfect for you. Designed for individual attention, this program lets you test the coaching waters on your terms.

TThe foundation of any relationship is self. The relationship we have with others is a mirror of the relationship we have with ourselves. This 3 step process will


  • Enhance self awareness – bringing clarity around who you are and what are your values
  • Help you understand your partner better
  • Help you Visualise your ideal relationship
  • Understand if coaching is your thing or not
  • Help create a blue print of your relationship pathwa

In just three steps, we swiftly address the root issues affecting your relationships—providing clarity, confidence, self-worth, or love, depending on your needs. This program is an ideal opportunity for those who want to experience the transformative impact of coaching before committing to a longer-term journey.


  • Step 1: Self-discovery questionnaire – Dive into an extensive questionnaire to clarify your values, needs, and desires. Gain insights into your partner and visualize your ideal relationship.
  • Step 2: 90-minute coaching call + homework – Based on your questionnaire, we address challenges and potential roadblocks. Together, we create a blueprint for your relationship journey.
  • Step 3: 30-minute follow-up call – Assess the impact of your journey so far and fine-tune your path to fulfillment.


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Personal 1:1
Tailored to your needs, This transformative journey includes two 1:1 sessions, goal-setting, actionable strategies, and guidance to empower you in achieving personal and professional success.  

Value: £950
Access to 1 Group Coaching session 
Gain entry to one group coaching session and enjoy a one-time opportunity to experience Kshama's group coaching program. This allows you to assess the value and benefits of participating in group coaching.

Value: £399
Access to Kshama’s whatsapp whilst on the program
Access Kshama's WhatsApp during the program, allowing you to send messages and receive direct responses for real-time support.

Value: £399

But that’s not all 

Receive complimentary access to the upcoming workshop at no cost.  Value: £199
Access to free resources 
Access complimentary resources, including free e-books and ongoing wisdom delivered to your inbox through emails.

Value: £199
Total Cost: £1947
Now for just £359

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