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Being You Group Program 

Are you ready for a transformative journey in your relationships?

Imagine having overflowing confidence and being in control of both your life and your relationship.

Picture being in a loving partnership where every aspect of yourself is truly accepted, and you feel secure in your authentic selves.

If deep, meaningful connections are what you desire, and you’re looking to invest in yourself without a hefty commitment, our 3-month group program is perfect for you.

Join an exclusive group coaching pod with no more than 10-12 participants for an intimate and supportive environment.

Experience a 1-hour weekly call with me, covering various crucial topics such as boundaries and communication. Your specific questions will be addressed, providing personalized guidance and insights.

Original Cost: £999/-
Today’s Offer: £399/-

Co-horts are already running, so apply to work with me. Once there are enough members and existing groups conclude, your name will be added. Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in yourself and create lasting changes in your relationships

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