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Transformational Coaching Journey

A Personalized 3-Month Journey to Confidence, Intimacy, Love, and Respect.

Are you Ready to Transform?

Ready to make a change? Take bold strides, reclaim control of your relationship, clarify your desires, and recognize your worth so you never settle for less. Shape a life filled with confidence, intimacy, love, and respect, creating the dream relationship you’ve always wanted.

You are an amazing person—smart and self-sufficient. However, something isn’t quite clicking in your relationship.

You’ve put in your all, tried every angle, yet there’s a lingering sense of unhappiness in your relationship.

One day it’s fantastic, and the next day it’s a struggle. You are uncertain as to where you stand in your relationship.

You might find yourself tip-toeing around with your partner, unsure of each step.

Something needs to change!

Its time to do something different!

    The truth is, how you connect with others is a direct reflection of your relationship with yourself.

      Many of us focus so heavily on others that we overlook the common denominator: ME. In the process, we lose sight of how to keep control over our life and relationships, neglecting to seize the reins and steer life in the direction we truly desire.

        What if you had all the resources and support you needed at your fingertips, to build your confidence and relationship on topics like;

          • Understanding yourself, your values and your own needs
          • Understanding your partner and developing empathy 
          • Where can you take responsibility and what can you do about your situation
          • Becoming clear on the path to transforming your relationship
          • Access to tools that help you develop a deeper connection with your partner
          • Understanding of some common mistakes we make in a relationship
          • A way of cultivating good habit for a sustainable happy & healthy relationship 

          And so much more…..

          Would any of this help you?

          When you have the right tools and strategy and you’re able to take inspired, supported action;

          THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS. This is where the MAGIC happens.

          You CAN MAKE INCREDIBLE THINGS HAPPEN, when you are given the right relationship the right set of conditions to succeed.


          For just….

          For the entire 90 days for the price of 60 when you pay in full you will get:

          9 1:1 coaching calls 
          Tailored to your needs, This transformative journey includes nine 1:1 sessions, personalised coaching, actionable strategies, and guidance to empower you in achieving personal and professional success.

          Value £4050
          Access to 1 Group Coaching session 
          Gain entry to one group coaching session and enjoy a one-time opportunity to experience Kshama's group coaching program. This allows you to assess the value and benefits of participating in group coaching. Value: £399
          Access to Kshama’s whatsapp whilst on the program 
          Access Kshama's WhatsApp during the program, allowing you to send messages and receive direct responses for real-time support.

          Value: £399

          But that’s not all 

          Receive complimentary access to the upcoming workshop at no cost

          Value £199
          Access to free resources 
          Access complimentary resources, including free e-books and ongoing wisdom delivered to your inbox through emails.

          Value: £199

          This is everything I’ve learnt from my and my client’s experiences about relationships…
          And it’s everything I wish I’d known when I started dating as a teen. I’ve invested over £200K in my self and spent the last few years enhancing my knowledge and skills. I’m sharing it with you inside this TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHING JOURNEY. I’m giving you my best strategies and tools inside.

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